Our Process

Step 1.


Let’s meet up for a coffee. Tell us about your project and what you want to achieve.

Meet Peter.  As well as telling him about your project and budget, this will be a great opportunity for you to pick his brain, gain valuable insights, and learn about our seamless design and build process. 

Step 2.

Concept &

We can now begin to visualise your ideas by putting pen to paper and translating them into approximate estimates. We'll also advise you on the consultants, authority approvals etc. required.

This is the exciting part.  We’ll research and explore design options based on your brief, then  prepare schematics and go through several revisions until you’re happy with the final design.  Based on the type of construction, we can advise on the required approvals and approximate costings.   

Step 3.


This is when we get into the complex details. We’ll prepare the required construction plans and prepare the total costings. These can be made available to your financier and the authorities for their approval.

Detailed construction drawings are prepared for our builders.  Total costings are finalised which include labour, materials, fittings etc.  We’ll also prepare a schedule with timelines for the various construction phases.

Step 4.


We'll start building & project manage the whole process whilst keeping you regularly updated on the progress.

We’ll carry out regular site visits ensuring we’re adhering to the schedule,  maintaining quality controls, and dealing with any issues should they arise.  You’ll be regularly updated on the progress and we can also organise for you to visit the site to have a look at the progress. 

Step 5.


Congratulations. You can now move in. 

After your project is complete we’ll go through the site together and you can scan the property ensuring your happy with the final finishes.  You’ll also have time to go over the property in your own time.  Should there be any defects or imperfections they’ll  be remedied promptly.